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MNC Organizational Development Consultant Directory

Montana Nonprofit Connections (MNC) is pleased to make this directory of organizational development consultants available to MNC grantees and applicants, as well as other nonprofits throughout the state.

To search the Directory by Consultant Name, Company Name, City, County and Area of Expertise:

  • Click on the down arrow for the search choice(s) [e.g. Name, City, etc.]. A dropdown menu will appear.
  • Click on the appropriate choice in the menu.
  • You can search on more than one category. For example, if you wanted to find consultants in your county that do strategic planning.
  • Click Submit Search
  • Click on a specific Consultant Name or Company Name, for a consultant’s contact information, experience and focus and level of consulting practice.

NOTE: Each “Area of Expertise” category, e.g., financial management, contains consultants that have Primary (P) or Secondary (S) expertise in that area. Each consultant’s profile will indicate their level of expertise within each Area of Expertise.

Inclusion in this database is available to all organizational consultants throughout Montana and does not imply endorsement by either MNC or Big Sky Institute for the Advancement of Nonprofits.

Consultants: If you are a consultant to nonprofit organizations and you are not listed but would like to be, please contact Mike Schechtman to obtain a copy of our survey form. If you are already in the directory and your contact information changes, please contact Mike Schechtman to alert him to these changes.

MNC has modified information generously provided by Western North Carolina Nonprofit Pathways, one of our national partners. We hope that you find it useful as you work with a consultant to help address the capacity-building priorities your organization has identified in its assessment process.

Helpful resources for organizations include Selecting A Consultant, Contracting With a Consultant and MNA's publication "Working with Consultants."