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Helena Celebrates Community Philanthrophy Annual Awards dinner starts at 5:30 pm, Delta Hotels, Helena

What People Say About Us
"The integrity, business sense, authenticity, and oversight of BSI brought a major project to bring quality services in early childhood development to Rosebud County through its first year, and into a burgeoning second one, with a bright future ahead."

Ginger Roll, Former Administrator

Rosebud County Health Department
Philanthropic Divide Initiatives

BSI's current Philanthropic Divide Initiatives accelerate and expand the national dialogue about the Philanthropic Divide – the rapidly increasing gap between those states with the most foundation assets and funding and the 10 states with the least. Our research and findings on assets and grantmaking are creating expanded national awareness that the Philanthropic Divide exists.

BSI's research will also inform the national funding community about the status and extent of state-level nonprofit sector infrastructure development in the Divide states, including where investment from regional and national foundations may be needed. In addition, BSI extends the dialogue to public bodies such as the Senate Finance Committee, and collaborates with national infrastructure organizations, such as the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy.

Current Initiatives:

Research on foundation assets and grantmaking, the level of nonprofit infrastructure development and the growth of community foundations in the Divide states.

For a preliminary inventory of critical state-level nonprofit infrastructure components click here.

Development of the Philanthropic Divide Leadership Network (PDLN) to coordinate data dissemination and communications among the Divide states.
Publication of reports, to be disseminated in 2008 -- 2009:
  • The Philanthropic Divide 2007 Update

  • The Philanthropic Divide Revisited

  • The Philanthropic Divide Nonprofit Sector Infrastructure Assessment

  • The Philanthropic Divide Community Foundation Assessment

  • Barriers and Opportunities: Access to Regional and National Grantmaking by Nonprofits in Philanthropic Divide States

  • The Philanthropic Divide Briefing Book

Media coverage and articles that report on the results of BSI's research and activities.

Advocacy with foundations and public bodies about the need for philanthropy and nonprofit infrastructure development in Divide states.

Future Initiatives:

Clearinghouse about successful programs and new projects in Divide states to build philanthropy and support nonprofit organizations.
Collaborative projects with nonprofits and foundations from Divide states, national infrastructure organizations, and national and regional foundations to build philanthropy and nonprofit infrastructure. 
Institutes/Seminars and Webinars to provide opportunities for Divide-state practitioners to share information and solution strategies about philanthropy and infrastructure development, and for foundations to learn about effective ways to support these efforts.

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