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"BSI’s experience in understanding and advancing the nonprofit sector in Montana is invaluable to the foundation community's need to work collaboratively to address complex societal issues."

Jean Agather, Foundation Manager

Oro y Plata Foundation
Excellence in Nonprofit Communications 2017 Business Partners

Lee Huber <> Cinch Design and Communications. Lee provides superior design, ideas, creativity, service and guidance for clients of every size and from every sector of the business, association and labor communities.  Whether print, advertising, logo/identity design, event/staging, or web, design, Lee works with clients to understand and identify their communication needs in order to craft design solutions to meet those goals. Cinch will help develop and design a comprehensive visual campaign to meet the goals and objectives of reaching the ENC award recipient’s target market, and be a key part of formulating the plan to grow the nonprofit organization’s audience.

Tobe Johnson <> Johnson & Associates, Inc. (Johnsons.Net) staff has been developing web sites and web site applications since 1994 and was involved in putting up the first commercial web sites in the state of Montana.  The Johnsons.Net team of graphic artists, marketers, layout people, HTML specialists, database designers, and programmers work with a variety of businesses, from small mom and pop organizations to state government and military entities. Johnsons.Net will work with the ENC recipient if developing or updating a website is part of the ENC project.  This work may include consulting and suggestions in relation to an existing web site, custom programming to make the award recipient’s web site “do something,” or potentially a complete overhaul of an organization’s web presence.

John MacDonald <> John MacDonald Consulting, LLC. John is a Helena, Montana-based consultant and former reporter, correspondent and editor for The Associated Press. His 16-year career with the world’s largest news organization gave him a unique perspective on how companies, governments, organizations and individuals worked with the media and how they prepared for and responded to a crisis. Today, he calls on that experience to help clients build sound communications and public affairs strategies. John will work with the ENC award recipient to determine strategic communications goals and objectives, define targeted audiences, craft key messaging, and select the printed materials for development and enhancement for the project.

Glenna Wortman-Obie <> Articulink Services.  Glenna has a BA in English and an MA in communications. Her career spans over 30 years in advertising, development and marketing; she has won Montana Addy awards and other recognition for her work in developing creative concepts, writing and editing.  Articulink will assist with the writing, editing, and development of written materials once the strategic plan has been determined.

Trevor Parrish <> Signs Now of Helena. Opened in 2010, Signs Now provides for the creation of customize signs and art pieces in a way that was not previously available in Helena. Owner Trevor Parrish works to provide the special care and close personal attention a local business owner can provide, while its network provides global resources to effectively execute graphics, banners, trade show products and signage of any scope. Signs Now will work with the ENC award recipient to determine the kind of signage that best complements the print and electronic messaging, adding another communications dimension to help reach key audiences.

Kyle Spencer <> Allegra Marketing/Print/Mail of Helena. Allegra first opened its doors in 1982 as “Insty Prints,” the first print shop in Helena to offer desktop publishing, overnight printing services, color copies, high speed and engineering copies. Since then, Allegra has taken advantage of on-line technologies to become a full-service marketing solutions provider, offering marketing planning, web design, advertising and graphic design. Once goals, objectives, target audiences, key messages and specific materials are identified by John MacDonald Consulting and the ENC award recipient, Allegra will work with the recipient to print and distribute the materials to targeted audiences.


Big Sky Institute for the Advancement of Nonprofits staff will provide consultation about the link between communications and fundraising; coordination of the award application, selection and implementation process throughout the award year; development of a case study of the project; coordination with media for the project; and project evaluation.



For More Information: Mike Schechtman, Executive Director, Big Sky Institute for the Advancement of Nonprofits, Address: P. O. Box 1514, Helena, MT  59624 Phone: (406)443-5860 Fax: (406)443-4046 E-mail: 

The ENC program is part of the Helena Development Initiative.

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