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What People Say About Us
"The Organizational Assessment Award we received from BSI helped reveal impressive strengths and significant vulnerabilities, providing just the push our Board needed."

Kelly Rosenleaf, Executive Director

Child Care Resources, Inc.
Project Grant Description

Project Grants are intended to support the costs of a consulting engagement, and related meeting and travel expenses. Only organizations which have conducted a comprehensive assessment and priority-setting process (either through Montana Nonprofit Connections, or through a similar process) within the 12 months prior to applying will be eligible for a Project Award.Eligibility Criteria:

Project Grants are made to fund capacity-building work identified as a priority through a comprehensive organizational assessment. Awards will be available to organizations that meet the following criteria:
  1. Existence for at least three years with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status (i.e. three years past the date on the IRS advance ruling letter).
  2. Demonstrated track record of service or show promise in effectively providing services needed by the community.
  3. Maintain their primary office in the state of Montana and serve the entire state, a neighborhood, town, city, county, reservation or multi-county region, in the State of Montana.
  4. A majority (over 50%) of your services to people within the state of Montana.
  5. Completion of a comprehensive organizational assessment and priority-setting process within the last 12 months.
  6. Participation in the last 12 months in other capacity-building activities, including one or more of the following:
    • Membership in a state or professional association that addresses issues of governance, leadership and management (at least as part of its services). Examples include the Montana Nonprofit Association, or an association related to the work of your organization (for example, a child care center belonging to a statewide association of child care providers).
    • Participation in a conference, workshop or other learning opportunity that addressed issues of governance, leadership and/or management.
    • Engaging a consultant to address an issue related to governance, leadership and/or management.

Note: The MNC committee will consider applications from organizations that have not participated in one of the above activities if there is a clear and compelling need, such as an internal or external event or change that leads the organization to consider capacity-building at this time.